Keep Writing

Keep Writing is a word processor that works like an old school typewriter: it doesn't let you delete. If you really, really have to, you can type over mistakes just like with a real typewriter. The idea is that this will let you focus on productivity (instead of endless polishing) and on reaching your word count goals. It simply encourages you to Keep Writing!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send an email to



Download the ZIP file and unpack it by double-clicking. Run kw.exe to start. Your stack of papers will be saved in a subfolder called "stacks". Pressing F1 will bring up a list of keyboard commands.

12 October 2011 - version 1.1: Windows (ZIP, 353KB)


Why is it called Keep Writing?

Simply because that means the window's title bar will tell you to "Keep Writing".

Where is the Mac version?

There is no Mac version yet, but hopefully there will be one in the near future.